INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT

                                                         MAARDU CUP 2018



Aims and purposes

The main aims of the tournament:

  • Skills improvement;
  • Cooperation between teams, twinning towns and countries;
  • Best teams determination.

By entering this Competition, entrants are expected to read, understood and accept the following Terms and Conditions.

Tournament information will be published by 01.04.2018 on the official Maardu city website (sport section): https://maardu.kovtp.ee/ru/web/rus/maardu-cup-2018 or on the website:  www.fcmaardu.ee


Football club FC Maardu, supported by Maardu City Government.


The organising committee of Maardu Cup carries out the general management of the tournament. The competition is governed by the board of football club FC Maardu and organised in full accordance with the competition regulations and rules adopted by the FIFA. The tournament will involve 12 teams. The organising committee can cancel a tournament in case of force majeure. Such a cancellation should be announced at least 15 days before the start of the tournament.


Chair of organising commitee

Vladimir Arhipov- Mayor of Maardu


Aleksandr Kruglov


Anastassia Totskaja

Time and venue

All matches of Maardu Cup 2018 will be held from Tuesday, 7th August till Saturday, 11th August of 2018, at the same venue: grass field of Maardu Stadium (Karjääri 4, Maardu, Estonia) /about 15 km from Tallinn/.

A doctor or our First Aid staff will be present during the whole tournament at the stadium.

Entries and competition system

Schedule of matches:

August 7, Tuesday  day of arrivals
August 8, Wednesday  matches in groups
August 9, Thursday  matches in groups, play - off
August 10, Friday  matches of play-off
August 11, Saturday  final matches and departures of teams.

The final frame schedule (with the exact planned conclusion of all games) will be composed and published by 01.04.2018 on the official site of the tournament.

Duration of the game is 2х20 min, number of players on the field is 11 х 11. Substitutions can be made at any time during the play and unlimited times. The teams will be divided in 2 subgroups (each subgroup consists of 6 teams) by seeding the draw.

Matches in subgroups shall be organised in a round robin competition format. Matches are followed with play-offs.

Every team is taking part from 7 matches in total.

Eligibility for the tournament and team details

Tournament will conduct a competition for boys football teams (the age groups U13 /players, born in 2005). Teams from Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Armenia, Montenegro, Finland, Sweden, Norwey, Poland, Estonia are invited to participate in the tournament as well. Teams from Maardu twinning towns should consists of 20 participants (18 football players and 2 accompanying persons).

Trophies and honours

Each team will receive a participation award. The 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place winner teams will be awarded by cups and the players will get medal as well. Special award will go to the best goalkeeper, defender, halfback, forward and the best bombardier of the tournament.

Terms of arrivals and departures

For Maardu twinning towns

Participation in the tournament is free of charge for the twinning towns of Maardu. Teams are expected to cover all transportation costs to a venue of tournament and back home. Organizers will offer an accommodation at the hotel. Tallinn Airport, Tallinn Harbour, Tallinn Railway Station and Tallinn Bus Station.

Organisers will meet participating teams at the official points of arrival and provide a transfer form arriving point to Maardu for the participants, who has no personal means of transportation.

Official point of arrival:

Tallinn Airport, Tallinn Harbour, Tallinn Railway Station and Tallinn Bus Station

Organizer provides full reception /meals, hotel accommodation/ for the teams from twinning towns from 07.08 supper till 11.08 dinner.

For other teams
The entry fee is 200 eur per team.

Package price per participant is 110 eur, price includes 4 nights accommodation in the hotel and full provision of meals from 07.08 supper till 11.08 dinner.

Teams must provide their players by uniform, which consists from t-shirts of 2 different colours.


Each participating team should provide full health insurance for their players. The organizer won't take any responsibility and won't cover of costs for possible injuries or other damages.


Please find information about applying for a Schengen visa at http://www.vm.ee/en/applying-visa-schengen-area

Should you need a supporting letter from Maardu City Government, please inform Mrs. Elina Letjutšaja: elina.letjutsaja@maardu.eemob. +372 5526231.

Tournament organisers will apply maximal effort to enable the entered players to get a visa.

Please plan enough time to apply for a visa on time.


If your team wishes to take part in Maardu Cup 2018, your entries must be submitted not later than March 1st, 2018 and you may e-mail your entry to the e-mail: nastyatot@gmail.com,

additional contacts for entries:

mob: +372 56636747 Anastassia Totskaja

mob: +372 56651986 Aleksandr Kruglov

Organisers are expecting the preliminary information about participation of the Maardu twinning towns teams till 20.12.2017. Please send letters of acceptance and filled application form to Mrs. Elina Letjutsaja by e-mailelina.letjutsaja@maardu.ee.  

Please inform organisers immediately in case of withdrawal a player or a team, mentioning the reason for withdrawal.

This regulation should be considered as an official invitation letter to the tournament.

We are looking forward to welcome you at Maardu Cup 2018!