About Maardu

The City of Maardu is situated in 15 km from the capital of Estonian Republic -Tallinn, on the coast of the Muuga Bay. Its border extends from Lake Maardu to the Pirita River.
Maardu is bordered by Viimsi, Jõelähtme and Tallinn. To the south from Maardu at the distance of 2 km there is a highway Tallinn - St. Petersburg providing an opportunity of good communication with Narva town, which borders on Russia.
Maardu was given the status of independent municipality in November, 7, 1991 and it became a local territorial-administrative unit. The development of Maardu was closely related to the construction of the chemical factory in 1949, which used phosphorite mineral deposits for own production. The next decade of the development of the town included construction of the Iru Terminal Power at the end of the Port of Muuga at the beginning of 1980`s. Nowadays Maardu town is on the seventh place in the Estonian Republic according to the residents – about 16600 and the total area of the town is 22,76 km2.

The town can be divided into the following areas: the industrial zone placed on the territory of the former village Kroodi, nearby the old Tallinn-Narva highway, and the port of Muuga, the inhabited part of the city includes Kallavere, the area of summerhouses in Muuga and a picturesque park around the lake of Maardu. Division of industrial and inhabited sector allows creating favourable ecological conditions of life and rest for people.

Maardu is still very young, and it looks beautiful. The streets are clean, the houses are  colorful.

Maardu is a green town with lots of flower decorations. The lawns are accurately cut, there are many fountains, and squares are decorated with sculptures. In a word, Maardu looks well-kept and loved by its residents and authorities.

Maardu received the status of a town in 1980, and since 7 November 1991 it has been an independent administrative unit. The residents of this young town are also young, their average age being 35, and the population of the town numbers 16,600. As is usually

the way in small towns, the residents of Maardu are friendly, sociable, warm-hearted and modest people. They are really fond of their native town.

Maardu is a promising town, and almost one third of its population is children and young people. The municipal authorities take care of their education, leisure time and multifaceted development. Maardu has a youth center, many playgrounds for children, modern gyms and a big sports complex with a superb swimming-pool.

There are three kindergartens and three schools in Maardu: the Estonian secondary school, the Russian secondary school, and the Maardu Russian high school.

The language of instruction is respectfully Estonian and Russian. All kindergartens and schools are in very good condition, they have modern equipment. All the school hobby circles and sports clubs are financed by the town, so the schoolchildren can join them free of charge.

In the House of culture there are numerous hobby clubs and amateur groups, choir and dance studios, the youth theatre «Fan & Sword».

This is the way the adult population takes care of the creative and spiritual development of their children and young people.

The locals like to spend their spare time on the lake, swimming, surfing, boating and fishing. Fishing is good here in any season.